Stories on The Facing Project

Voices Unheard

Coming into Editorial class the first day and hearing my professor saying we were going to be working with a national organization, The Facing Project, was so exciting. The feeling of being a published author is way better than the feeling of when I … [Read more...]


At this point in the project, I feel overwhelmed, but good. We have made very great progress with donations, sponsorships, and etc, but I feel behind. I feel like I’m not ready for all of this to happen, and I can’t believe that soon we are going to … [Read more...]

A Letter To Myself As I Begin This Journey

The definition of the word "fear" is " a feeling of anxiety concerning the outcome of something or the safety and well-being of someone. " I believe that accurately describes my feelings as I undertake the responsibilities of our Facing Project. I … [Read more...]

Facing Project Goes Live at Brenau

As elected webmaster for this project, I am so excited to share stories from our local community with you all. We've hit the ground running with some awesome ideas and we're beginning to turn these ideas into a reality. Homelessness is a concern in … [Read more...]