Spreading Community Awareness

The time we have left in this project is slowly dwindling down. It would be a lie if I said it wasn’t bittersweet. There have been ups and downs throughout this time, but overall I cannot wait to see the reaction from the community. I hope that this isn’t just something that will happen, but will be something known. Something that awakens the community to the issue itself. Without this project I would have blinders on still to the issue, not because it isn’t there or prominent, but because of the fact that not many people want to speak about it (except when the Queen City Bridge was talked about in the news). Even then that’s only a percentage of the homeless population in our community.

This book has a lot of work into it by my classmates and myself who really see this issue and believe it is something that should be addressed. I would love for this project to be well received, not just because of our work, but because of the issue itself.

Please join us December 7th at 6pm in Hosch Theater located at Brenau University for our book release, meet our community partners, and help us raise money and awareness for an issue we believe is real in our community.

Sara Jane Bowers