The End Of A Story Is Just The Beginning Of Another One

The end of a story is just the beginning of another one. That’s how I feel about this project. As we get closer to the book launch, I can’t help but be excited about the great work we have all done. There were a lot of times when many of us felt like giving up, but we stuck through. With a project this serious, it gets hard sometimes, you know? We’ve gone through the phases of learning that we cannot end the issue of homelessness, but we can help bring awareness to it.

I hope that we can make an impact with our book and book launch. I really want people to understand the severity of homelessness, especially in wealthy neighborhoods. Homelessness is usually pushed aside as a ‘big city’ problem, but that is simply not the case. Homelessness can affect anyone anywhere.

The best outcome of this project would be individuals in Gainesville doing more about homelessness and addressing the issue. The worst outcome is people dismissing the issue, but still being aware. Awareness is what I want for this project.

When I first started this project, I never understood the effect that it would have on my life, and the people around me. I found myself telling people more and more about the issue of homelessness, and suddenly, I began spreading knowledge myself. I know it’s a small step, but it’s still a step. I hope that soon others can take these small steps towards spreading knowledge.

Sara Hubaishi