Looking Back

When I first started this project, I was so nervous. I knew nothing about homelessness, have never experienced homelessness or anything about it. I remember my first blog, I said something ignorant. I said that I thought someone who was homeless was going to hit me.

My favorite story teller is someone I met at Good News at Noon. When I first laid eyes on him, that was when I realized that me, with my privileged little self, could have something in common with someone who is homeless. That may be a privileged thing to say. It may be ignorant of me to say, I don’t know. But I was immediately intrigued by my first story teller because of his hair. Crazy right? Of all things in the world, his hair was why I knew that homelessness is not what we all think it is.

My story teller, who I call Johnny, has locs just like me. When I first met him, he was twisting his hair, so he had the clips in his hair to keep them tidy. We talked about our hair for nearly 30 minutes before we got into talking about his story.

I learned that life hits you fast. Homelessness can hit anyone fast the same way it hit Johnny really fast. During this process, I learnt that I, despite the fact that I am from a suburb and have never had to worry about when I was going to eat, am not immune from homelessness. Life is expensive. The world is expensive. Living out in the world on your own without your parents is actually hard, and no matter how grown you think you are, anything can happen to you at any moment.

I’m glad and thankful that I did this.

Kenya Hunter