Down to the Wire

We are coming to the final weeks of our Facing Project and it’s all bittersweet. I’m sad because these are the final weeks that we will be working on this project as a class. We’ve also become somewhat attached to some of the people that we’ve had the opportunity to work with. It’s sweet because we are all super excited about the book getting published. Overall this project has been a great experience for me and has taught me a lot about myself. It’s taught me to conquer my fears of homelessness. Although I wasn’t able to interview any homeless individuals, I was able to interact with homeless individuals and learn that it’s all in the approach. I was blessed to interview someone who spent the entire interview praising God about how He changed his life around, and encouraging me in my personal life. I am really looking forward to the Storyteller/ Book Release event onĀ December 7th! The part that I am most looking forward to is having the people that were interviewed attend and sit in the front row as an honorary guest. I hope that the event will open people’s eyes to the issue of homelessness in Gainesville. Most importantly I hope it sparks something within people that they will want to help out any way that they can with the issue of homelessness in our community. It takes a community doing everything they can individually and as a group to help people in these circumstances. It’s down to the wire people.


Nicole Vernon